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Secure Shopping

Why are we the Safest Option for buying Bathrooms online

The payment gateway we use does NOT store your credit card details, we do not have any access to them after the sale & neither does anyone else. That's why our payment system is one of the safest ways to buy Bathroom products on the net.

So how does the system work

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There are two main ways to deal with transactions online. The first is to set up your own gateway where you need an SSL certificate and handle the payment details yourself. This means that in most cases the website owners keep a copy of your card details stored on their systems. As long as the people storing your card details are careful with your information and keep up to date with technology to stop hackers from gaining access to your details this would be fine.

We prefer to use the second option which is a third party payment handling service. This is often a better choice for two reasons. Firstly their job is primarily to handle transactions and they have teams of dedicated technicians always developing ways to stay ahead of the hackers and protect your details and safeguarding your money. The second reason is because they handle the process completely and the information you enter relating to your credit card is kept secure and we NEVER store your payment details anywhere ensuring the safety of your identity and your money.

Why is Pay Pal payment gateway so good

Pay Pal are industry-leading fraud prevention experts. This is just one of the reasons Pay Pal is a safe way to pay online. Pay Pal uses proprietary technology and constantly innovates to monitor transactions, help prevent fraudulent activity and maintain a secure payment system.

Pay Pal monitor transactions 24/7 and believe that innovation and careful analysis is the way to beat fraud. That's why Pay Pal has developed industry-leading models to review every transaction and help detect suspicious activity.

Experts work behind the scenes to help protect and shield you from fraud and identity theft. Pay Pal's Fraud Investigation Team is dedicated to creating a safe Pay Pal community. Our team includes former law enforcement officials who identify and prevent fraud before it occurs.

Pay Pal work with law enforcement around the world to help stop online criminals. Dedicated fraud teams, in combination with our advanced technology, help protect the security of your Pay Pal account.