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How to Install Coram Premier Shower Enclosures

How to Install Coram Premier Shower Enclosures

Coram showers are the UK's leading specialists in the design and manufacture of shower enclosures, shower trays and bath screens.

Their Premier range of enclosures has been specially designed to make them faster and easier to fit and seal than anything comparable on the market.

We'll show you exactly how quick and easy it really is!

Once you've fitted and sealed the shower tray, ensuring it's level in all directions, you can fit a Coram Premier corner shower enclosure in a corner situation in around 20-25 minutes. For an alcove where only a door is required, you can finish the job in about 15 minutes. This is how simple it is to fit a Coram Premier pivot door and side panel.

First you need to fit the wall channels. Place the channels against the wall and mark where you need to drill the four screw holes, avoiding tile edges.

When drilling the wall channels, the drill groove is a really useful feature. It helps you to locate the drill bit, prevents it slipping and ensures you drill the right distance in from the edge.

Next, place the wall channels on the tray, ensure that they are vertical and then mark the drill holes. Then simply drill and fix to the wall.

The following stage is assembly. The door is supplied fully assembled and is reversible for either left or right hand opening. All you need to do is fit the handle. You can then simply slot the enclosure together.

The wall channels will allow from any out of true walls and size adjustment. The separate corner post makes it even easier by allowing independent adjustment of door and side panel.

Once you've checked that the corner post is vertical, and that the door and side panel are centrally positioned, drill through the wall channels and corner post and fix, starting at the bottom.

All that then remains is to add the finishing touches. All screws are hidden neatly behind concealment strips. End caps finish the top of the unit.

The unique flip-up water seal, ensures that the door is completely water tight.

Using a good quality silicone sealant, the final job is to seal the outer edge and 50 mm up the joins between the wall channels and corner post.

With Premier it's quicker and easier to do the job well, because the bottom of the unit is curved to provide a deeper longer lasting seal.

It's as simple as that, a Premier enclosure like this, can be fitted in less than 25 minutes. To help you, detailed fitting instructions, developed with members of the institute of plumbing are included in every pack.

All other Coram Premier doors can be fitted in much the same way and several have additional easy fitting and practical features.

Coram's special bifold shower door door has a special gearwheel hinge, which unlike other types of bi fold shower door, ensures that it always opens smoothly and won't spring back when open.

It also has additional cushioned magnetic door seals, which makes it probably the most water tight shower door you can buy.

Coram's Premier corner entry, quadrant and sliding shower doors, have a simple cam mechanism that allows quick adjustment of the door rollers to ensure that the cushioned magnetic door seals meet precisely.

As a finishing touch, a silicone wipe is provided. Applying this to the door runners makes the door rollers glide even more smoothly.

Coram Premier door enclosures are without doubt the fastest and easiest to fit and seal. Plus they have all the top quality features you'd expect from Britain's leading merchant supplier.

Save time and money, fit Premier, buy Coram!

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