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Belfast Sink Brackets

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What Brackets Do I Need?

There are four versions of Belfast sink brackets as well as support legs in different lengths for stand alone sinks that maybe need extra support. The brackets can either be what's called plain or recessed and then you have a further style choice on how you want to fix them to your wall.

Lets begin with how you want to fix the brackets to your wall - the two different types of brackets are a screw or bolt to wall version that comes with a flat back plate and pre-drilled holes so the brackets can be placed anywhere on the wall, and the other version is called a cantilever bracket and they are designed to go into a chiseled out mortar joint, or built into the wall at the time of construction. They both do the same job in supporting your new Belfast sink, so it's down to what type of wall you have and whether the bracket will be more on show and want it as more of a feature.

The next choice is pre-determined by whether the waste hole on the underside of your new Belfast sink is flush or raised. If the waste hole is flush then you can purchase two of the plain versions. If however the waste isn't flush and there is a raised mound which is part of the waste hole, then you will need to purchase one of the plain versions and one of the recessed versions so it will go over the raised part and still support as much of the surface area of the sink as possible.

The final choice is what size of bracket will fit my sink? The general rule of thumb is whatever depth of sink you choose you'll need to select the bracket length that is just shorter than your sink and given that there are only three different bracket lengths to choose from then as long as it's about three quarters along the overall depth of your sink, you will be fine.

If you are still not sure then please feel free to give our friendly support team a call on Free Phone 0800 043 0207 and we will be more than happy and advise you further.