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steel bath sale
Small Baths
Prices from: £98.99
Acrylic Baths
Prices from: £95.99
Roll Top Baths
Prices from: £272.99
Shower Baths
Prices from: £191.99
Compact Baths
Prices from: £98.99
Luxury Baths
Prices from: £272.99
Double Ended Baths
Prices from: £149.99
Deep Baths
Prices from: £95.99

Bathroom Baths

With literally thousands of baths on the market it can be almost impossible to choose the right bath. Do you choose a bath with Handles/Grips, an Acrylic Bath, Steel Bath or Corner Bath? the list goes on.

The best place to start is to work out what space you have to work with. For here you can choose the right bath for the space you have. If you have quite a lot of space to could add a separate Bath and Shower Enclosure, but if you're limited for space you may wish to add a Shower Bath. A shower bath is a good option as most couples are equally happy with this choice as usually the lady of the house likes to soak in a warm soapy bath, whereas the man of the house likes a quick steamy shower before work. For those trying to create a more luxurious environment a Deep Bath is a great choice especially if it's a Double Ended Bath. Perhaps if you have room a Large Corner Bath would be even better?

If you need any help or advice with any Acrylic Bath Tubs or Steel Bath Tubs please feel free to give our friendly support team a call on free phone 0800 043 0207 and we will be more than happy to help you.